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Corporate Client, Michael Bruce, VP Morgan Stanley, for KSW Speaking Event:

“The two client events you did for me were my best attended and most enthusiastically engage.”

Type 1 diabetes client on multiple daily injections, Alex, father of 3, male:

“Kelly has been a life-changer for me. More than just a dietitian, she has become a true life coach. Her help has been tremendous and she’s amazing to work with. Anytime I hear that someone is struggling with controlling their blood sugar or their diet, I always refer them to Kelly.”

Body fat % loss, hormone balance client, Korrina, 43yo female:

“I was fortunate to hear Kelly speak one day at my gym, and what initially compelled me to seek out her services was her depth of knowledge and her ability to explain nutritional concepts in a way that just clicked for me.   

In only a handful of sessions, Kelly identified my nutritional needs and food sensitivities, she uncovered my true health objectives, and she designed realistic diet parameters that integrated easily into my lifestyle. She helped me achieve my goals by meeting me where I was—taking time to listen and understand unique attributes of my personality—and customizing a health and nutrition framework that is easy for me to follow and enjoyable to sustain. 

As a result of working with Kelly, I feel and function better because I am stronger, leaner, and much more well-rested. Overall, I have a greater appreciation of food as fuel and medicine, while still enjoying the foods I love every day. 

There is no “one size fits all” approach to health and nutrition. Working with Kelly to learn and understand what works best for me was such an invaluable experience—I highly recommend her services!”

Wife of one of my type 1 diabetes clients, Stacie:

“Kelly is THE BEST. THE. BEST. And Kelly would know best— diabetes is a cross-country trek without a break. You hit rainstorms and drizzle and golf ball-sized hail and spring rain after trying to control a bobsled down the dry side of a mountain. I am overwhelmed just thinking about it— but my husband manages a soft pad landing for his fickle blood sugar every day while working a full-time job, parenting, husbanding, cycling, soccering and so on. With Kelly on our team, I feel like we have a fighting chance of the wheels not coming off during this wild ride called life.” 

A weight-loss client, Lesley, 40yo female:

“Changing your health is a process. I started in July, and this is by far not the longest I’ve ever stuck to a health plan. But unlike other programs I’ve tried, I feel like I can do this for the rest of my life. It’s not a program, it’s a choice and a way to live. In order to succeed in your goal, you must do a few things as I’ve learned from Kelly:

  1. Listen to your body.  Eat what your body, not your mood, is asking for. 
  2. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied,
  3. Eat the right balance of protein, fat, healthy carbs, and lots of veggies!
  4. Resist the urge to graze. Feel your feelings, and if you need an oral fixation, sip some water. 
  5. Eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet: You will feel amazing! Your cravings will decrease! You will not bloat and your clothes will fit better even if you don’t lose a pound! 
  6. Start small and build up. Plan, prep and execute. 
  7. Always practice self-love and compassion. You must realize that there are times you will derail, or feel like you will derail. Embrace those times, meaning recognize that they are happening and make the choice to have compassion for yourself. Remember that this is a process and a lifelong journey. Forgive yourself.
  8. Feel your feelings, improve your thoughts and create the results with the right actions.” 

Autoimmune Thyroid, Weight Loss, Jenny, 44yo female:

“Kelly has been a tremendous asset to our local JDRF Chapter. Whether speaking to a small, intimate crowd or in a theater with hundreds of attendees, she makes her conversation engaging and relatable. She is always prepared, has a wealth of knowledge and relies on personal experiences to connect with the audience. We’re thankful to have such a great resource in Kelly!” – Kelsey Gaskins, JDRF Development Manager

“I have had several opportunities to hear Kelly speak to various size audiences and it has been a pleasure every time. I have been impressed with her ability to connect with an audience and her thorough knowledge of her topic. Her happy and warm personality holds my attention and she makes her topics understandable. She speaks from the heart! I think she is very talented and would recommend her to anyone as a speaker.” – Matt Murtha, audience attendee on 3 occasions, Director of Cushman & Wakefield

“The biggest thing I have taken away from your counseling is how useful your questions are to help me stay focus and stop to think about my eating habits.” – male, 38 yo, weight-loss client

“I’m absolutely psyched about my morning sugar levels. Are you kidding me? I thought going into the 200s every day was inevitable. Unbelievable.” – female, 39 yo, type 1 client

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