What Was My Plan After Learning I Was Going Into Surgery?

I don’t always eat breakfast, but on this very morning I did, and perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. Because I had food in my stomach, I had to wait 8 hours to go into surgery. This delay gave me a chance to mentally prepare and put a few ideas together.

  • Mental health:
    • I reached out to my friends, family, and clients and told them I’d need adjustments to my schedule for the week and I’d need help with my kids.
    • I downloaded my favorite podcasts and borrowed 2 audiobooks from the library on healing.
    • I stayed optimistic and focused on my breath throughout, including during surgery.
  • Blood Sugars
    • I watched my blood sugars like a hawk and kept them as ideal as possible.
    • I refused to take off my pump for surgery and advocated I let the automated system take care of me while in the procedure. I had it in manual mode before and after to hold my blood sugars as close to 80 mg/dL as possible.
  • Diet
    • I minimized/removed all grains and my norm is gluten-free.
    • I removed all dairy minus grass-fed butter. What is life without butter?
    • I minimized/removed all dairy.
    • I am and have heavily focused on staying hydrated and no alcohol.
    • I have continued the above and plan to proceed, with using food as medicine.
  • Movement
    • I got 15 minutes of every hour to be upright and I tried as often as I could to do a lap around my house that was 13 min and 50 secs. It kept me sane, and I made my first waking hour a walk, as I often woke up crying.
  • Fasting
    • If I was not eating, my body could focus on healing. I ate most days in a 6 or 8-hour window.
  • Help
    • I asked for help w/ meals, carpools, and childcare. I am not good at asking for help, but I knew we needed it. Thank you to everyone who gave a hand.
  • Advocacy as a T1DM
    • Going into surgery they talked to me about taking my pump off. I refused and asked to have my pump in the surgery room and asked for it right before and after surgery to keep my blood sugar top-notch. Coming home, I made it my priority to maintain optimal blood sugars and an optimal mindset (there were harder days than others).

Unfortunately, this wasn’t my first emergency surgery, but I knew that having a plan would be helpful and helped me focus on what I could control.


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