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Apr 11

Springtime Chicken Salad Recipe

Tis the season of great produce. Everything is sprouting up and more and more fruits and vegetables are approaching their peak season. It’s time to put aside the slow-cooker and pull out new recipes such as this Springtime Chicken Salad. Enjoy! Ingredients: 3 chicken breast, organic, free range 1 1/2 cups celery, organic 4 mandarin oranges, diced …

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Jul 23

Blood Type – Do I Eat Right?

Do you believe in the idea that we should all eat for our blood type? I think there is some truth to it, but should not be the only thing considered when designing someone’s or your own diet. Most recently I confirmed that I have type O positive blood. According to the literature for a …

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Jul 12

Food4Thought: Nitrates

At a girls breakfast the other weekend, I was telling one of my friends (who also avoids grains, dairy and legumes) about some awesome bacon I found at the market. We both seek out bacon sourced from free-range pork, but this recent find of mine was free-range and nitrate free (I tastes AMAZING).  After gushing over …

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Jun 20

Shop With Reason This Season

I, along with many others, see the importance of shopping locally and since moving to Australia where I have a farmer’s market on my doorstep, I see the benefits of shopping seasonally. The hardest thing to overcome when desiring to shop with the Fall, Winter, Spring, etc is learning what is “in season.” Today’s post …

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Apr 01

My Hypoglycemia Go-To

As someone with type 1 diabetes and always on the go for work and fitness, I need to be armed with something to deal with low blood sugars (hypoglycemia). My go-to item to have in my hand bag are raisins. They are small enough you can judge just the right amount you need to lift …

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Jan 20

What? That is Breakfast?

Have you ever put strawberries in an omelette? Have you ever put fruit in your eggs? I know, I know. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I eat… This morning and for the past week or so, I have come up with something pretty creative in the kitchen. Anyone willing to give it a try? …

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Dec 30

Ringing in the New Year with Paleo Eating

I could guess you have made a resolution or two this year. Am I right? Well this year, among many, I have made a few and I have inspired a hand full of folks to join me on the paleo journey. Hopefully in the next month I can share their experiences on here as though …

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Nov 30

Dear Food Diary – 30/11/11

Today, Wednesday, I ate: Breakfast: 8AM 2 poached eggs, free range 2 mushrooms, large, button, raw 1 spoonful of mashed avocado Water Probiotics Fish oil Chromium Lunch: 1:45PM 1/2 kangaroo burger Spinach, raw Sauteed onions Water Snack: 4PM Coconut cream, organic 15 blueberries, fresh 1 spoonful of sunbutter Exercise: 5 mile walk Dinner: 7:15PM Salmon, …

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Nov 18

Dear Food Diary – Day 2

Today, 18/11/11, I ate… Breakfast: 7AM Quite hungry this morning Blood sugar = 83 mg/dl 3 egg version of Sweet and Savory Eggs Water Probiotics Multivitamin CoQ10 Allergy meds 11:25AM blazing hot (90 degrees F), walking home from my appointment for my jaw, craving (and not proud of it) a Diet Coke. Noon: Not hungry yet …

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Nov 09

Another Reason to Get More Raw (Food) In Your Life

Have you ever thought about the nutrient value of food before and after it is cooked? If you are reading this blog, I am going to assume yes, but did you know that cooking food can increase the overall amount of energy, meaning calories, in the food and alter the mineral and vitamin content? Thus …

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