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Dec 19

Best Paleo Chili Ever

Chili is so perfect for winter. It is hearty, nutritious and uber easy to make. This December I made one of my best batches yet. Here is what I did: Ingredients: 2 lbs of grassfed beef, ground 2 6 oz. cans organic tomato paste (Trader Joe’s) 1 14.5 oz can diced organic tomatoes (Trader Joe’s) …

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Dec 15

Nutrient Dense: Slow-Cooker Chicken Vegetable Soup

This soup, by far, has been ┬áthe best chicken soup I have ever HAD and made. Pure deliciousness. Ingredients: 1/2 T of coconut oil, or grassfed butter 1 chicken breast, free range, skin and bones 2 drum sticks, free range, skin on, bones in 4 cups, gluten free chicken broth, enough to cover the soup …

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Aug 22

Corn Syrup in Soy Sauce?!

Getting comfortable upon our return to the US, post living in Australia for two years, I cannot help but find myself feeling “culture shock.” Maybe, “food shock” is a better term. No doubt, I love America and the lifestyle it offers, yet, since being accustomed to daily food markets, butchers with fresh, free range meat …

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Feb 21

Food For Thought: Himalayan Crystal Salt


Do you take a multivitamin? If so, would you be willing to swap it for something more natural and perhaps cheaper? When eating a paleo or primal diet, there is little room for processed foods thus a low intake of sodium. Plus the hard cold facts on the idea of consuming salt/sodium is bad for …

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Apr 08

Are vegetables and fruits equally good for my health?

Has this inquiry ever crossed your mind? I absolutely love vegetables but I have been finding myself choosing fruit over vegetables lately. I know that both fruit and vegetables are great food choices, yet I’ve never delve too deeply into the thought of which is better for me. I came across a newsletter from one …

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