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Nov 26

In 30 years, I Have Learned These 30 Things

1. Friends and family are the best gifts in life. 2. Life is too good, to eat bad. When I choose foul foods for my body, my quality of life is deterred. Not worth it. 3. Working hard doesn’t mean I’m working smart. Keeping the end in mind is vital. 4. To take 3 deep …

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Feb 01

Order Up – Super Bowl (Paleo) Appetizers

Who is going to a Super Bowl party this Sunday? If you are nervous of the tempting dips, calzones and diet wreckers, manage the situation and bring something that is just as good and won’t derail your health goals. 1. Spiced Nuts 2. Chicken drumsticks 3. Homemade chips 4. Guacamole and jicama 5. Baked apple …

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Dec 05

My South Africa Travels: Part 1

I have the fortunate opportunity to travel to South Africa closing out 2012 and am truly amazed by the beauty of this country and the pureness of the food.  Thus far, I have tried a variety of new things including capaccio springbok, which is basically raw, thinly sliced game meat and while on our safari tour in Kruger National Park, we snacked on some droewors …

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Nov 27

Give the Gift of Health this Holiday

What could be better than getting a gift of health this holiday? Email Kelly for a voucher for a one-time coaching session for $99 valued at $129. Give the gift of feeling better and letting a loved one know you care about their well-being. All coaching sessions can be held in person or telecommunication. Kelly …

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