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Kelly Schmidt Wellness is an extension of myself. I am passionate about what I do and I work hard for my clients, and even more diligently to be the best dietitian in the field. As a food detective, I teach clients how to choose the right foods for their biochemistry in reaching their goals. I am also the author of the book, “What’s the Deal with Paleo and Primal Eating.”

I work with clients one-on-one, I take many on grocery store tours, perform wellness programs, and provide a voice for many well-known outlets (see below). Additionally, I speak to many audiences, including those in a corporate setting, to community groups, yoga studios, and to fellow individuals living with diabetes. One of my favorite services is when I have the chance to review a client’s kitchen and provide insight on how the set-up and organization can influence better health choices and positive change.

I wake up every day with the opportunity to do what I love. Life is too short to not have the best quality of life every day, and what we eat makes all the difference.

“Seek a wellness strategy that provides maximum health, maximum pleasure, and minimum stress.” – Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN

Questions? Send me an email. I may not give an immediate response, but I read all of my emails! [email protected]



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4 Replies to “Meet Kelly”

  1. Kelly:

    I am trying to find a dietician that is Paleo-oriented here in the Sunshine Coast (Queensland). I am a Californian that relocated to Australia at the end of 2006 (I just became an Australian citizen on 18 November). Today I had my first appointment with a dietician here on the Sunshine Coast, as referred by my GP. I brought a copy of the Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain. The dietician instantly said she would not discuss the diet as it had no scientific basis. Hmmm.

    My GP referred me to a dietician as I have just had the Hia(C) test (or whatever it is) that shows I am mildly diabetic. This is the wake up call for me. I want to shed about 120 pounds, which should easily put me back in a healthy zone (make life a lot more comfortable as well!). I sat out the appointment and absorbed what was said to me, but frankly, it feels like the same old, same old, eat no fats, lots of fruit and veg, and eat 150-200g of protein a day. Oh yeah, some carbs are fine too. My intuition tells me this ain’t gonna get the job done for me, thus, I have just spent the last hour on Google looking up the Paleo Diet, Loren Cordain, and dieticians.

    Can you direct me to a dietician in my area that has some interest in the Paleo diet? I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you can provide. -Jim Otterson

  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for visiting my site. First, I just want to say you are going to be okay and good on you for taking a proactive approach in researching your options. Being your own health advocate is the best thing you can do with your life. I am sorry to hear the feedback you got with the dietitian. Paleo is becoming more well known, especially with the results it proves. Indeed paleo is a great solution for those who have diabetes or may be prediabetic. To answer your question, I do not know any RDs in your area. I have only been in Oz for about 10 months. However, reading credible books is a great step to get started. While I think Cordain’s book is great, and he was the king of this movement, it may not be the best book to first read. It’s a bit more technical and clinical than more recent books such as the Paleo Solution, Primal Body and Primal Mind and Primal Blueprint. grab one of the books I suggested and keep following paleo blogs. It’s a tough diet sometimes and I personally need daily motivation to keep on the right track. Let me know if there is anything more I can do for you at this time. Cheerio, Kel

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