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Mar 28

Get Moving for Your Mood

Our happiness is predetermined ~ 50% by genes. This leaves us with a huge opportunity to take action to smile, or want to smile, more often. Overall our brain is like a muscle, the more we influence happiness, the more likely or more easily it can be to attain. You see, happiness is part of …

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Sep 07

‘Hands Down’ the Paleo Diet is the Best Solution for this Case of Diabetes

Thanks to social media I was able to connect with yet another fellow health advocate, using the paleo diet to control his type one diabetes. The below interview was held with the writer of Intrepid Pioneer, a site about modern homesteading principals. Perhaps, you as the reader, can connect with this interview and maybe find yourself inspired …

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Oct 16

Type 1 Diabetes Paired With a Paleo Diet

I have three main purposes for my website and one is to help educate consumers on the connection between nutrition and health, secondly to describe the philosophy of my counseling services to potential patients to distinguish it from other dietitians/nutritionists and thirdly, to act as a portal for people with type 1 diabetes and those interested in the care for …

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Jul 20

Artificial Sweeteners Can Raise Blood Sugar

It seems like common sense that foods labeled “sugar free” would have no effect on sugar levels in the blood. But sometimes they do. Most artificial sweeteners — saccharin, aspartame and sucralose, for example — offer the sweetness of sugar without the calories. They contain no carbohydrates, and so have no effect on blood sugar. …

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Jan 12

I did it!

Last week I reached an amazing personal goal. I ran the Disney World half marathon and I beat my boyfriend! Kidding aside, my focus was not on beating my boyfriend (even though it felt pretty good), yet, I was determined to push myself beyond my mental ability. Orlando, Florida hadn’t seen snow for decades but on …

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Aug 18

Health Tip: Debunking Diabetes Myths

(HealthDay News) — If you’ve just been diagnosed with diabetes, it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction. The American Diabetes Association debunks some popular myths about the disease:– You can’t “catch” diabetes from someone else.– Dessert isn’t off-limits forever for all diabetics. While eating too many sugary foods is a bad idea, you …

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