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Dec 05

If This Is Out Of Order Then Everything Else Falls Apart

Can you guess what I am going to say? If you are thinking sleep, you are close! And nearly correct, but I am putting my finger on the root of the problem, which also disrupts sleep: Stress. Stress is defined as a constraining force or influence. That is it. Just a force. But now, how can this …

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Nov 27

Dear Food Diary – Day 6

Today, 22/11/11, I ate… Breakfast: 7:45AM Savory & Sweet Eggs Mini protein smoothie Allergy meds Chromium Magnesium Probiotics Exercise: 3 mile walk Off to the airport! Airport lounge: 12PM Nibbles of carrot/beet dip 3 pieces of roasted eggplant 1/2 glass of dry champagne First flight: 2:30PM 1 hard boiled egg Water 15 fresh blueberries Airport …

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Nov 18

Dear Food Diary – Day 2

Today, 18/11/11, I ate… Breakfast: 7AM Quite hungry this morning Blood sugar = 83 mg/dl 3 egg version of Sweet and Savory Eggs Water Probiotics Multivitamin CoQ10 Allergy meds 11:25AM blazing hot (90 degrees F), walking home from my appointment for my jaw, craving (and not proud of it) a Diet Coke. Noon: Not hungry yet …

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Aug 07

Would you rather — walk for 20 minutes or hike all day?

What’s Better?You’re busy, and that daily 15- to 20-minute walk doesn’t seem to stand up to your weekend exercise marathons, right? Not so fast — the truth may surprise you! It’s pretty much unanimous among health experts: The daily walk, even for 10 or 20 minutes, is better than the all-day weekend hike. Daily exercise …

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