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Jul 06

Hormonal Balance

I look forward to setting a few minutes aside most days to read one of my favorite e-newsletters from Mind Body Green. Have you heard of them? If not, head their way. They have a treasure chest of feel good health articles, covering diet to meditation to movement. Yet, getting to the topic of today’s …

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Jun 23

5 Snacks For A Metabolism Boost At Work

This post is coming from guest blogger – Daniel Pawlak, a writer for SnackNation So, you exercise regularly and you eat healthy during meals, but you need that extra boost during the day to keep your metabolism going (and your stomach from running on empty). Sounds simple enough, right? Yet, choosing healthy foods that boost your …

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May 25

Soak Up Health this Summer

This season lends itself to what I believe to be the healthiest few months for eating and lifestyle. More and more farmer’s markets become available, pools open, there are outside activities galore (camping, beach trips, evening walks, local races); I am sure I am preaching to the choir. However, when it comes to food, the …

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Apr 07

Recipe: Flaxseed “Grain-less” Granola

I picked up this recipe after reading “The Plan,” by Lyn-Genet Recitas. While I have modified the recipe to my liking, it was easy to make and currently my go-to afternoon snack. I mix about an 1/8 of the recipe with a clean protein powder/water drink and about 1/2 cup of frozen berries. This is a great …

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Mar 25

Work It Gurl! #BloodSugarControl #Fitness

Hey Peter Cottontail, you are not the only one feeling lively with the dawn of Spring. With longer periods of daylight and warmer temps, folks are moving more and brewing up fitness goals. If like me, my diabetes is something I have to keep tabs on daily, but with an influx in exercise, I especially have …

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Mar 08

Paleo Infused News to Use – Love Sweet Potatoes?

But have to keep a close eye on managing your blood sugars? I do to both, and as someone with type one diabetes, I consciously and subconsciously make note of how all food makes me feel and how food affects my blood sugar. Thanks to some advice I picked up from the Fat Burning Man, Abel …

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Jan 14

Crush of the Month – Roasted Cabbage

Sure I’ve seen roasted cabbage on Pinterest a zillion times, however, never did I ever until now try it. And good golly, it’s amazing. Loaded with fiber and nutrients that aid our liver for detox, this extremely economical vegetable needs some promotion and love. Curious for more health information on cabbage? Check out this write-up I …

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Nov 18

Find A Rhythm in Gaining Better Health

If only we could wake up daily to minimal stress, pure healthy food, in the perfect quantities, exercise, sunshine, we would all be well on our way. In reality, many of us struggle to get out the door on time, let alone have a balanced meal before we hit the day running. It’s too easy …

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Oct 28

Paleo Infused News to Use

Veggies. A food group that the vegans, Adkins followers, paleo folks, etc will all agree on, are crucial for optimal health. My tip today indeed relates to not only how to incorporate veggies at every meal, but how to keep them fresh throughout the week. Tip #1 Salad spinner. Storing your leafy greens in a …

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Sep 15

Healthy Office Snacks

Last month I had a request to answer what my top office snack would be. My reply included the below, among another 30+ suggestions from health experts. For more information, click here. “My favorite snack to have in the office varies depending on what my or a client’s current health goal is. If my goal …

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