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Aug 10

Is the Government helping us or making us sick?

I will let you decide but you can guess what my answer is. It is an injustice that people are to rely on the government for dietary guidance when there are such politics behind the scenes. ¬†We as consumers are persuaded what to eat by¬†commercials on TV, ads in newspapers, online, billboards driving to work …

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Apr 11

Dietitian & Doctor Recommend Simpler Eating

Ever since my mom foresaw my love of nutrition and desire to be a dietitian, she would collect all sorts of health related articles and newspaper clips to insure I was on-top of the “latest” wellness talk. And since I just moved from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, I came across one of these articles pulled …

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Jul 02

Obama urges public to demand healthcare reform

The president, speaking at a town hall meeting in Virginia, says only public pressure can trump lobbyists’ influence on legislators in the healthcare debate. Reporting from Washington — With Capitol Hill lawmakers struggling to reconcile clashing views on overhauling the nation’s healthcare system, President Obama on Wednesday appealed to the public not to let Congress …

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