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Dec 16

Dear Food Diary – Looking Purely Paleo

15th of December I ate: Breakfast: 7:30AM Coconut & cinnamon eggs Water Fish Oil Probiotics Lunch: 12noon Combo of salads – Greek (no cheese), Ceasar (no cheese nor crouton) & avocado chicken walnut salad Water Snack: 4PM 4-5 green olives Fitness: 6PM Rowing sprint intervals, Leg press, Calf raises, Abs, 20 min walk. Dinner: 7:15PM …

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Dec 05

Dear Food Diary – 5/12/11

Today, Monday, I ate the following and took these motivational pictures of Fawkner Park on my way home from work: 20 min. walk to the train. Breakfast: 10AM Not hungry when I woke at 7AM. Ate once I got to work and settled. 1 small banana 1 hard boiled egg Lunch: 1:30PM 2 homemade nori …

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Dec 03

Dear Food Diary – 3/12/11 – Christmas BBQ Party…

Today, Saturday, I am prepping for a gathering of friends to celebrate Christmas. Let’s see how I behaved at the BBQ, keeping in mind these few goals: 1. Avoid all dairy and grains 2. Drink plenty of water and do not over eat on anything 3. Avoid all dairy Breakfast: 9AM Long black I was …

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Dec 02

Dear Food Diary – 2/12/11

Today, Friday, I ate: Breakfast: 8AM Protein smoothie Water Probiotics Fish oil Chaotic morning, no appetite around noon. Drank water, ran errands, session in the gym (rowing and lifting). Lunch: 4PM 1/2 kangaroo burger Company Christmas Party: 6:30PM 1 1/2 glasses of Pinot Noir (not sure what kind, but it was awesome) Dinner: 8:30PM Sauv …

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Nov 30

Dear Food Diary – 30/11/11

Today, Wednesday, I ate: Breakfast: 8AM 2 poached eggs, free range 2 mushrooms, large, button, raw 1 spoonful of mashed avocado Water Probiotics Fish oil Chromium Lunch: 1:45PM 1/2 kangaroo burger Spinach, raw Sauteed onions Water Snack: 4PM Coconut cream, organic 15 blueberries, fresh 1 spoonful of sunbutter Exercise: 5 mile walk Dinner: 7:15PM Salmon, …

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Nov 17

Dear Food Diary

Today, 17/11/11, I ate…. Breakfast: 2 poached eggs Sauteed mushrooms, olive oil Salt and pepper Water Multivitamin Allergy medicine Lunch: Homade grassfed cilantro and chili pepper Leftover spring salad, lemon Mini avocado 3 black olives Exercise: 4 mile walk Snack: 20 fresh blueberries over peach jello Dinner: Grilled Hoki white fish Sauteed cabbage, seasonings, sesame …

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Nov 11

Is Breakfast Getting Boring?

This is the beginning of a running list of paleo-like breakfasts. Also, please share anything that sparks your taste buds along sunrise every day. Kelly’s Favorite Vegetable Juice: 2 carrots, large, organic 1 beet, purple, medium 1-2 pinches chia seeds 3 celery stalks, organic Gingers, lots!! 1 lemon Sweet & Savory Eggs: 2-3 eggs, free range, organic, …

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Dec 23

Feeding and Hosting for the Family — Diabetic Friendly, Heart Healthy and Weight Watcher’s Appropriate!!

What a task at hand and I have two older brothers and a dad to impress in providing food “with substance.” If you have to provide meals/snacks for your family and friends this holiday that are health cautious, perhaps my ideas can be suitable for you and/or inspiring. Enjoy! BreakfastPer serving: serves 1French Toast Nuggets1 …

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