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Oct 12

The “Modified” 100 Workout

There was an image floating around on Facebook that caught my eye, which also inspired me to do. It was called the 100 workout. Doesn’t the words itself sound interesting? Well I did the workout and it was fun and tough. However, I was wondering where the push-ups where? Therefore, I did a little modification, …

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Oct 05

USDA Taking a Stand on the Kiddo’s Lu

With the dominant health status of our country, let alone children, the USDA, for the first time in more than a decade, applies new rules for the federal school lunch program. Such guidelines include: calorie and sodium limits schools must offer dark green, orange or red vegetables and legumes at least once a week students …

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Dec 12

Dear Food Log – 12/12/11

Today, Monday, I ate: Gym: 6AM, stairclimber, abs, push-ups Breakfast: 7:20AM 2 poached eggs Mushrooms and herbs 1 large strawberry, sliced Water Fish oil Probiotics Lunch: 2PM Leftover fish taco meat and vegetables Water At work today we had a guest speaker discussing how to make the most of our lives. It was an interesting talk …

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Dec 08

Merry Fitness

If you fall within the average American, there is a good chance that the holiday parties are not favoring your waistline. However, do not fret. Come the night before Christmas, reward yourself or your partner something for fitness.. Fitness Gift Ideas: Bike Running Watch Vibrams Kettlebell Garmin watch – tracks distance, elevation, calories burned and heart …

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Dec 02

Dear Food Diary – 2/12/11

Today, Friday, I ate: Breakfast: 8AM Protein smoothie Water Probiotics Fish oil Chaotic morning, no appetite around noon. Drank water, ran errands, session in the gym (rowing and lifting). Lunch: 4PM 1/2 kangaroo burger Company Christmas Party: 6:30PM 1 1/2 glasses of Pinot Noir (not sure what kind, but it was awesome) Dinner: 8:30PM Sauv …

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Nov 30

Dear Food Diary – 30/11/11

Today, Wednesday, I ate: Breakfast: 8AM 2 poached eggs, free range 2 mushrooms, large, button, raw 1 spoonful of mashed avocado Water Probiotics Fish oil Chromium Lunch: 1:45PM 1/2 kangaroo burger Spinach, raw Sauteed onions Water Snack: 4PM Coconut cream, organic 15 blueberries, fresh 1 spoonful of sunbutter Exercise: 5 mile walk Dinner: 7:15PM Salmon, …

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Nov 17

Dear Food Diary

Today, 17/11/11, I ate…. Breakfast: 2 poached eggs Sauteed mushrooms, olive oil Salt and pepper Water Multivitamin Allergy medicine Lunch: Homade grassfed cilantro and chili pepper Leftover spring salad, lemon Mini avocado 3 black olives Exercise: 4 mile walk Snack: 20 fresh blueberries over peach jello Dinner: Grilled Hoki white fish Sauteed cabbage, seasonings, sesame …

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Jan 12

I did it!

Last week I reached an amazing personal goal. I ran the Disney World half marathon and I beat my boyfriend! Kidding aside, my focus was not on beating my boyfriend (even though it felt pretty good), yet, I was determined to push myself beyond my mental ability. Orlando, Florida hadn’t seen snow for decades but on …

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May 13

Pass the Finish Line

When you’re engaging in exercise beyond your usual activity level — such as a charity bike ride, mini-marathon or fun run — don’t forget to refuel your body during the event. Your body can store only about an hour’s worth of carbohydrates, so if you want to finish the race without being pulled over the …

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