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Oct 21

Sunday Session – Paleo Infused Bites, Pumpkin Soup +

In one way or another we all know that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Relating to health and healthy eating, this is so true. It’s hard to eat the right things if you do not have food in your kitchen. If you have nothing on hand, take-out usually falls into place. …

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Apr 15

Don’t Miss the Boat

In this not so lovely recession, it has been noted that many consumers are purchasing more vitamins. I am by no means the vitamin police but I want to stress the importance that diet should not be overlooked while taking supplements. It is great that people are thinking of their well-being in these tough times …

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Apr 09

A Juicy Story – And a Nutritious One

When you’re thirsty, a refreshing, fruity beverage often hits the spot. Drink 100 percent juice for the greatest nutritional benefit. Good examples include pink grapefruit juice and orange juice. Choosing juice for nutrition means reading the label. Check to be sure that the product is 100 percent juice. Read the ingredient list carefully to make …

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Mar 26

I am a dieting diabetic dietitian that takes supplements

I am a sole believer that “food is thy medicine” and that all consumers should eat food closest to the farm as possible; meaning that we should eat food in its most natural form. However, from reviewing peer-reviewed articles and reading newly published studies, the average person (myself included) can be deficient in some crucial …

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Feb 23

Future foods will cater to personal health

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which foods you should be eating based on your own personal health profile? What’s for dinner? In the future, you should know exactly what’s best for your body, experts say. We know that certain foods are bad for people with particular conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. …

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Dec 18

Stepping up to the plate on greater food regulation

State and local officials push trans fat bans and menu labeling. Some restaurants, diners and manufacturers object. By Jerry Hirsch 10:14 PM PST, December 16, 2008 Restaurants are being told to list calorie counts on their menus. Schools are banning bake sales, and cities are outlawing new fast-food restaurants in some neighborhoods.State and local governments, …

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