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Oct 30

Dairy & Bone Health

For frequent viewers and those new to my site, you will know or become familiar with the notion I do not advocate a diet rich in dairy, especially not¬†pasteurized, grain-fed, non-organic dairy. Yet, with this, common questions arise regarding the avoidance of dairy and bone health. Firstly, bone health is more than getting enough calcium. …

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Jul 23

Blood Type – Do I Eat Right?

Do you believe in the idea that we should all eat for our blood type? I think there is some truth to it, but should not be the only thing considered when designing someone’s or your own diet. Most recently I confirmed that I have type O positive blood. According to the literature for a …

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Jan 10

Legumes, Why Should I Stop Eating You?

Legumes, also known as hummus, refried beans, chick peas, black beans, peanuts, soy beans etc, all contain lectins (specialized proteins). Indeed, all plant foods contain lectins but the lectins in grains (such as wheat), dairy and legumes cause an inflammatory response in your body and are resistant to cooking and digestive enzymes. Overall, research on …

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Dec 12

Dear Food Log – 12/12/11

Today, Monday, I ate: Gym: 6AM, stairclimber, abs,¬†push-ups Breakfast: 7:20AM 2 poached eggs Mushrooms and herbs 1 large strawberry, sliced Water Fish oil Probiotics Lunch: 2PM Leftover fish taco meat and vegetables Water At work today we had a guest speaker discussing how to make the most of our lives. It was an interesting talk …

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Dec 02

Dear Food Diary – 2/12/11

Today, Friday, I ate: Breakfast: 8AM Protein smoothie Water Probiotics Fish oil Chaotic morning, no appetite around noon. Drank water, ran errands, session in the gym (rowing and lifting). Lunch: 4PM 1/2 kangaroo burger Company Christmas Party: 6:30PM 1 1/2 glasses of Pinot Noir (not sure what kind, but it was awesome) Dinner: 8:30PM Sauv …

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Dec 01

Dear Food Diary – 1/12/11

Today, Thursday, I ate: Breakfast: 8:30PM Coconut eggs – 2 eggs, 3 ounces of coconut cream, tablespoon of coconut oil, tablespoon of coconut flour, fresh minced ginger, cinnamon, sea salt. Large spoonful of sunbutter on top of sweet eggs (Crazy, yes! But so yum!) Water Fish oil Probiotic Selenium CoQ10 Exercise: Clean house & gardening …

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Nov 16

My Diabetic Motive

It is almost my birthday and looking back on my 27th year of age – a heck of a lot has happened. Good and bad. The Good: Moved twice. First from Chicago to Ohio, starting a new role at Abbott Nutrition as a sales rep, and then again in January, relocating to Australia with my …

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May 01

Your Bones

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month and whether you are male, female, five years old or fifty, your bones matter. Eat your spinach, drink your milk and learn 31 tips to improve your bone health this month with this printable calendar. Click here and enjoy! Have a healthy and fit day!