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Nov 21

Dear Food Diary – Day 5

Today, 21/11/11, the start of my birthday week, I ate… Goals: Eat no grains, no potato, legumes, dairy, sugar! Breakfast: 7:15AM 2 poached eggs Sauteed spinach in bacon fat Water Magnesium Probiotics Chromium Picolinate Allergy Meds Lunch: 1PM Homemade cilnatro, garlic and pepper burger patty, maybe 4 ounces Pumpkin dip, 1-2 tablespoons or 1 ounce Leftover …

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Aug 09

Australian Research: Inflammation

Eating to beat inflammation The worry of wagyu … compared to kangaroo, it may trigger inflammation, say researchers. Before you bite into a wagyu burger here’s some food for thought. Last year when Australian researchers looked at how the body reacts after either a meal of kangaroo or wagyu beef there was an intriguing difference: …

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Jul 19


Have you ever heard of “tinkering” used in a sentence about how to eat? Tinkering is all about learning how to eat to best meat your personal needs. Every day is an experiment of feeling my best and most recently, among all of the great paleo research I have been obtaining, I have been finding …

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Apr 11

Dietitian & Doctor Recommend Simpler Eating

Ever since my mom foresaw my love of nutrition and desire to be a dietitian, she would collect all sorts of health related articles and newspaper clips to insure I was on-top of the “latest” wellness talk. And since I just moved from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, I came across one of these articles pulled …

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Jul 30

Do You Buy Organically Produced Foods?

A new study just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the higher priced organic items in the super market may NOT have more nutrients compared to other conventional produce. Specifically, the researchers point out in this study it’s unlikely consumption of the nutrients at the levels reported in organic foods provide …

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Jul 17

Study breaks down supplement use by physicians

The majority of physicians and nurses in the US recommend supplements to their patients but also use them personally, finds a new study. Commissioned by the supplement trade group Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and published in the peer-reviewed Nutrition Journal, the study surveyed 900 physicians and 277 nurses. “Health professionals including physicians and nurses …

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May 06

Dried Plums: Your Next Diet Trick

Snacking on dried plums could be more effective as an appetite suppressant than a low-fat snack, say researchers. Presenting their findings at the recent 2009 Experimental Biology meeting in New Orleans, scientists from San Diego State University suggested dried plums curbed the appetite more than a “similarly sweet, low-fat cookie snack”. “Perhaps by lowering glucose …

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May 04

What is in Your Pantry?

I LOVE the grocery store! If I could, I would be a professional grocery shopper. I’d shop often to buy produce in its best shape and compile recipes using nutrient-rich fresh ingredients. While my half marathon aspiration now lives as a memory, my newest goal focuses directly on food choices. I think I have a …

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May 01

Your Bones

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month and whether you are male, female, five years old or fifty, your bones matter. Eat your spinach, drink your milk and learn 31 tips to improve your bone health this month with this printable calendar. Click here and enjoy! Have a healthy and fit day!

Apr 29


We often eat when we’re not hungry. One reason may be that many of us can’t recognize when our bodies need food. The sensation of hunger is instinctual. For many people the first twinge of hunger sends them searching for food, often before they need to eat. Feeling a little hungry at the start of …

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