Meet Kelly

Kelly Schmidt Wellness is an extension of myself. I am passionate about what I do and I work hard to be the best in the field. As someone who has had an autoimmune disease since second grade, I use my education as a dietitian and experience to teach my clients to turn their health challenge into the strength needed to ignite a health transformation. I wake up every day with the opportunity to do what I love.

I work with clients one-on-one, I take many on grocery store tours, perform wellness programs, and provide a voice for many well-known outlets (see below). Additionally, I speak to many audiences, including those in a corporate setting, to community groups, yoga studios, and to fellow individuals living with diabetes. One of my favorite services is when I have the chance to review a client’s kitchen and provide insight on how the set-up and organization can influence better health choices and positive change.

Life is too short to not have the best quality of life every day, and what we eat makes all the difference. Also, I am the author of the book, “What’s the Deal with Paleo and Primal Eating,” which can be found on Amazon.

“Seek a wellness strategy that provides maximum health, maximum pleasure, and minimal stress.” – Kelly Schmidt, RD, LDN

Questions? Send me an email. I may not give an immediate response, but I read all of my emails! [email protected]



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